Ciao Erasmus!!!

Winter is coming (brace yourself), with his low temperature, but we are ready to warm you up in the forge of war… or quite!
You read well, ESN Statale will bring you to play Softair!!!!
We will propose you to play Catch the Flag, which objective is to catch a flag and bring it back to base without getting shotten; or a Search and Destroy, in which you will have to hide a box and the enemy team has to “destroy” it, but be carefull, you will just have one life!

Where? When?
The Location is called Apokas di Milano (close to Rogoredo FS station) and will take place the 25 November at 4.30PM, save the date and sign up as fast as possible!

But how much does it cost?
It cost 20€ pro person, in which is included: rifle, a chest shield, a mask, 300 shots and at least two hours of game, in a beautiful ambience furnished as an office ready to witness our battle.
In case you will particularly generous with your ammo, you will be able to buy a new round for 5€ (for 300 shots)

We will suggest you to bring some long sporty trousers and a long arm shirt, or a pullover, to minimize the pain from every shot taken.

Where do i have to register?
You just have to fill this form → ← and if you will be fast we will send you and e-mail with all the information about when you will have to come to pay!

What are you waiting for?


25/11/2017 - 16:30